Catfish Rigs

Catfish rigs are the terminal tackle on the business end of the fishing line.  Meaning the the end with the hook and weight.

There are several different types of catfish rigs, but 95% of the time it will boil down to just two types.

Main Catfish Rigs

Carolina Rigs – The line has a slip sinker then a swivel, leader and the hook.

Santee Cooper – Similar to Carolina rigs. This adds a small float to the leader to keep the hook off the bottom by a few inches to avoid snags. Very useful on very rocky bottoms.

Catfishing rig


There are several variants of these two main rigs. Designed for a variety of reasons and many of them are useful in specific circumstances.

For example a variation of the Santee Cooper rig where the sinker is designed to actually break away if it gets snagged. Thereby saving the rest of the tackle.  But for now, we’ll stick with covering these two main rigs.

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  1. Surf Walker says:

    Have never seen this Santee Cooper Rig. If I had a dime for every rig I have lost I would have retired earlier. Thank you for the info.

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