… is a fun way to get supper to the table. What can be better than staring up at a sky full of stars at night waiting for your rod to bend over and your line to scream out.

Catfishing is a great hobby!

There is great tradition in catfishing. My grandfather caught catfish as his father and grandfather did. Many families put food on the table with catfish during the great depression as well, so there is a very old and vital link to these tasty fish that runs in many of our families.Catfishing brings the goods to the freezer.

I love catfishing as it lets me avoid the brutal Texas heat of summer and still catch fish. Nighttime catfishing is peaceful and full of zen.

Catfishing can be done on a budget

You just need a strong rod, decent fishing line, a sinker and a big hook. The catfishing rig is simple to make. Also, there is no need for a boat. Bank fishermen are not at a disadvantage because the catfish will come to you during the night. Plus, a little distance casting will even out the score by getting the bait to them.

Catfishing rigs are the secret to success.


Young or old, able bodies or handicapped, catfishing can be done by all.  It can also be done in many ways. Either casting, bank fishing on the bottom, trot lines, juglines, or handlines.  Many ways to get your fish, you just need to start.  Can’t catch a cat without a hook in the water!.

Why isn't this guy smiling? He has to pick it up!

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